My name is Ohad, I’m an M.s.c  Cognitive science & Computer Science student in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

I’m a Lecturer in the Hebrew University , teaching the “current internet technologies” course, We just founded the Internet Lab

I’m working for HP Software as a research scientist

I’m involve in the MEET educational start-up.

I’m a geek,

I’m an entrepanur.

I’m involve in the open-source-scene, In the past I have contributed to the Eclipse project  and few lines of code to the Hibernate project, My latest project is Alligator, a JavaScript-template engine.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ohad,

    I was wondering if you were still actively developing Alligator. I stumbled upon your project while working on my own. Similar goals, it seems…

    Mine is called ‘What’ (for lack of a better name). It’s an application server (semi-loosely) based on Java WebContainer/HttpServlet interfaces. One of my goals was to have JSP-style pages but in JavaScript via Node (mine are called .nsp, for Node Server Pages). Didn’t know if you were still actively interested in Node but I wanted to share!


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