Coolest Google search’s new feature

Cong’ to Google for changing the search results page layout.

There is one feature which that I find extremely useful.

The “anytime” one, where once can search for “pages” that has been updated in the last X month/weeks/days

Moreover, one can search for “pages” between a range , e.g. between last July to last Aug..

Why do I find it that useful?

1st because I sent such a “feature request” my self 🙂  (2 years ago!!!)

2nd, in many cases I found my self searching for some “event”, yet the first results were much older “pages” then those I expected, Especially the keyword “new” has no meaning since things were “new” back in 2005 as well.

e.g when you search for “new features in Java” you will probably get new features in JDK 1.4 as those pages have much higher PageRank, yet you probably searched for what’s new in Java for the last few months…NOW you can do that.

Another cool feature that solves the same problem is the “Sorted by date” feature



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