Oracle bought Java(pros and cons)

I know, I know, Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, they do solaris, they got the MySQL under their wing, they have hardware….but let’s get real Oracle bought java, that’s scary..

Cloud computing: Oracle can probably do a much better job in that department, they can come out with a scalable app engine (clustered glassfish ) that supports JDBC/”relational databases” out of the box (as oppose to GAE).  even just providing an online auto-scale MySQL/Oracle instance as a service can change the world.

Better JVM: Oracle will unify the pros of Sun’s JVM and the JRcokit => this must lead to an enhanced JVM.

(to be honest, if the C++ developers will stop talk about how “Java is slow” and ” I went to do coffee while compiling a java app” then  it worth it)

IDEs: Oracle will mix the NetBeans project with the JDeveloper IDE, it will look like Toad but slower, no one will ever use it again, Eclipse wins, end of story.

The languages bottle: A second boost for Java in a row (the first one was the GAE java support), who said ruby?

JavaDB: There are rumors that talks about a solaris based operation system which is stitched for database use only and has a built-in Java app-engine, in other words “the perfect machine”. obviously Sun and Oracle have all the required knowledge to provide such a solution (DB,Java,OS)

String: Oracle will rename java.lang.String to java.lang.Varchar2

JSF: Oracle’s JSF controls are so ugly , they will probably try to improve it and add it to the JSF 2.1 library.

JCP: For no doubt, Oracle can control the JCP, I would remove the C from the acronyms, how about JOC? no more community, can we trust Oracle?

MySQL: Oracle might kill MySQL. many people say they won’t, but hey, I don’t buy it.

Version: The next JDK version will be named as follow: JDK7. – “the RED dolphin”

Conventions: Oracle will defiantly change the Sun’s naming conventions for Java, how about:

int number_of_cats = 9;
public Varchar2 Do_something(){
     --comment - do something

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